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  • 10th Mar 2023 - We're live!
  • 7th Mar 2023 - Almost there!
  • 26th Feb 2023 - Hello again!
  • 24th Feb 2023 - Lorem ipsum
  • 20th Feb 2023 - Old article
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  • Long before crafting tables existed, players had to press "B" to open the crafting menu. (in-20100128, in-20100129)
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  • It has been 797 days since the last reupload (1.16.5-rc1-1558)
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    We're live!

    10th Mar 2023 by DEJVOSS
    (You should ignore the test posts below)
    Hello there! This is the new Omniarchive website from now on, it's designed to look like and old 90s/00s site, and is best watched on a CRT monitor (If you don't have one, GET IT!) The site is still missing loads of things that I plan adding, so stay tuned!

    Almost there!

    7th Mar 2023 by DEJVOSS
    The website is almost ready for a public release! I will not include the 'On this day' section because it will require loads of work. -D

    Hello again!

    26th Feb 2023 by DEJVOSS
    Hello and welcome to my new YouTube let's play! Today, we will be playing this little indie game called 'Minecraft'.

    Lorem ipsum

    24th Feb 2023 by DEJVOSS
    dolor sit amet.

    Old article

    20th Feb 2023 by DEJVOSS
    This article was not written 5 days ago, like the name suggests. It's actually a test to make the "NEW" thing working in the navigation bar. Wonder how long these can be.

    On this day
  • Coming Soon(tm)!
  • Latest finds
  • 1.12-pre3-1316 on 9th Oct 2022
  • a0.1.1-1707 server on 21th Aug 2022
  • c0.29 on 30th Jul 2022
  • Bunch of reupload servers on 22th Jul 2022
  • a1.2.3_01-0956 on 3rd Jul 2022
  • Latest versions
  • JE 1.19.4-rc2 on 10th Mar 2023
  • JE 1.19.4-rc1 on 9th Mar 2023
  • BE on 8th Mar 2023
  • JE 1.19.4-pre4 on 8th Mar 2023
  • JE 1.19.4-pre3 on 1st Mar 2023
  • BE on 1st Mar 2023
  • JE 1.19.4-pre2 on 27th Feb 2023