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  • The default port of 25565 used for Minecraft servers is directly copied from the port used for Infiniminer servers, 5565. c0.0.15a-05311904 actually uses the port 5565 but it was changed to 25565 in an unknown later version.
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  • It has been 23 days since the last reupload (24w14potato)
  • It has been 134 days since the last version find (b1.3-1733)
  • Crafting Legends

    This is Crafting Legends, the show where for 15 weeks, we're celebrating the 15th anniversary of Minecraft with some of the people who shaped the game into what we know it as today. New episodes premiere from February 2nd through May 17th.

    Song used in the trailer is "Door" by C418.

    Opening song is "Minecraft Is Acid" by C418.


    A sneak peek of what's to come. An amuse-bouche, if you will.

    [ Spotify | Apple (soon) | YouTube | MP3 | FLAC ]

    Episode 1 - Demystifying Early Minecraft with Rufus10

    Matthew and Rufus10 give a crash course in early Minecraft history.

    [ Spotify | Apple (soon) | YouTube | MP3 | FLAC ]

    Episode 2

    Coming Soon(tm)!

    [ Spotify | Apple (soon) | YouTube | MP3 | FLAC ]

    On this day - 24th April
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  • Latest finds
  • b1.3-1733 on 12th Dec 2023
  • b1.8-pre2-121559 on 4th Dec 2023
  • 14w04a-1526 server jar on 24th Mar 2023
  • c1.4-1422 server jar on 22nd Mar 2023
  • 1.12-pre3-1316 on 9th Oct 2022
  • a0.1.1-1707 server on 21th Aug 2022
  • c0.29 on 30th Jul 2022
  • Bunch of reupload servers on 22th Jul 2022
  • a1.2.3_01-0956 on 3rd Jul 2022