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  • 10th Mar 2023 - We're live!
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  • 26th Feb 2023 - Hello again!
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  • The default port of 25565 used for Minecraft servers is directly copied from the port used for Infiniminer servers, 5565. c0.0.15a-05311904 actually uses the port 5565 but it was changed to 25565 in an unknown later version.
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  • It has been 797 days since the last reupload (1.16.5-rc1-1558)
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    Omniarchive is a community that focuses on preserving all official Minecraft content. Although we archive all editions of Minecraft, our main focus is finding and archiving versions of Java Edition that are lost to time and are no longer available.

    Since its inception in September 2017 by HalfOfAKebab, the Omniarchive community has recovered more than 80 previously missing versions, mostly from the game's early development stages during 2009-2011. We are actively looking for more versions, with our usual methods being to contact players that played during these early days.

    Our community also actively focuses on documenting the early history of Minecraft and its community, so it can be preserved for all to see. This work includes finding proof of the existence of versions previously unknown to exist, archiving screenshots and videos, and contributing to the Minecraft Wiki.

    Although we don't have any official archives of fanmade content, many members of the community also actively archive mods, tools, and worlds; especially those from Minecraft's early days.

    Outside of archival, we also have a large Discord community focused on a shared love of old versions of Minecraft, as well as the game in general including newer versions. We also host gaming events for the community, and we aim to make these more of a regular occurrence in the future.

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  • Latest finds
  • 1.12-pre3-1316 on 9th Oct 2022
  • a0.1.1-1707 server on 21th Aug 2022
  • c0.29 on 30th Jul 2022
  • Bunch of reupload servers on 22th Jul 2022
  • a1.2.3_01-0956 on 3rd Jul 2022
  • Latest versions
  • JE 1.19.4-rc2 on 10th Mar 2023
  • JE 1.19.4-rc1 on 9th Mar 2023
  • BE on 8th Mar 2023
  • JE 1.19.4-pre4 on 8th Mar 2023
  • JE 1.19.4-pre3 on 1st Mar 2023
  • BE on 1st Mar 2023
  • JE 1.19.4-pre2 on 27th Feb 2023