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  • Mojang once reuploaded a version over 6 months after its release. (1.6.4 server)
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  • It has been 105 days since the last reupload (24w14potato)
  • It has been 18 days since the last version find (b1.2_02-20110517)
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    Introducing our new podcast, Crafting Legends!

    27th Jan 2024 by MisterSheeple
    Today, we bring you something truly exciting: In celebration of 15 years of Minecraft, we're creating a special podcast series, hosted by our very own ProfessorApple, where we take a deep dive into the history of the game and its community, with multiple special guests along the way. This is Crafting Legends: The Legacy of Minecraft's 15-Year Journey. Be sure to check out the trailer! The first episode will release on February 2nd, with a total of 15 episodes leading up to May 17th. Pages for the show are available now on the Omniarchive website, Spotify, YouTube, and coming soon to Apple Podcasts and other cool podcasting platforms! We hope you'll enjoy it! ~MS

    b1.3-1733 found!

    12th Dec 2023 by DEJVOSS
    We're on a roll! Another beta pre-reupload has now been found, this time it's a b1.3 one! It removed the starter items and you can crash the game via a trigger on the world menu. It may not seem like much, but it's yet another Minecraft version preserved for the future generations. Until next time, cheers! ~D

    b1.8-pre2-121559 found!

    4th Dec 2023 by DEJVOSS
    Ladies and gentlemen, after almost 10 months, we have finally managed to find a new version - that being a pre-reupload of b1.8-pre2. It has cave spider poisoning, endermen can still pick up illegal items, the creative inventory has no dyes among other things. Here's to more version finds in the future! (I am on the bus atm and my laptop's battery is dying so I can't write more stuff) ~D

    From The Intra Clinic

    24th Jul 2023 by DEJVOSS
    As promised, here's a second post of today! If you don't know yet, we have a sister project - The Intra Clinic! It is an archive of games created by Notch other than Minecraft. Recently (thanks, SuperLlama!), we have obtained a previously lost game Dachon4k, and an original jar of Takns. If you'd like to know more, head over to The Intra Clinic's News section. ~D

    A Really Simple Syndication

    24th Jul 2023 by DEJVOSS
    Hello! I've pushed an update to the website, which adds a RSS feed for the news section! You can find it here. More changes to the site are coming really Soon(tm) + a second announcement later today *winky face*. So with no time to waste, make sure to add us to your favourite RSS client! ~D

    On this day?

    13th May 2023 by DEJVOSS
    Hi y'all! I have started working on the 'On this day' section. Since there is a lot of things that could and will be there, it's gonna take at least a month or two for us to fill everything in, so please be patient. Make sure to check the website every day for your daily dose of Minecraft knowledge!

    The origins of glass

    29th Mar 2023 by DEJVOSS
    When Notch first added glass to the game - in the version 0.0.19a, people told him it looked more like ice, so he quickly changed it in 0.0.19a_01 to the well known glass texture that has been in the game until the Jappa-fication. Up till today, we had only known this first glass texture as a few blue-ish pixels from far away, which changed with greenslimy finding a video on his old hard drive, featuring himself building a small house - in the version 0.0.19a. It's a good thing he built it with windows, since thanks to him, we now have a very good idea on how the glass looked. Here's the video in it's full Windows XP glory.

    The oldest Minecraft world

    26th Mar 2023 by DEJVOSS
    Ever wondered what the oldest Minecraft world is? And is it even archived somewhere? The answer is YES! We have recently obtained this file with the amazing help of Ez, who had it saved on her computer all this time. It's quite a famous world also, it was featured in a blog post on The Word of Notch! You can download it here. And to fill up some more space here, here's some screenshots:

    We're live!

    10th Mar 2023 by DEJVOSS
    (You should ignore the test posts below)
    Hello there! This is the new Omniarchive website from now on, it's designed to look like and old 90s/00s site, and is best watched on a CRT monitor (If you don't have one, GET IT!) The site is still missing loads of things that I plan adding, so stay tuned!

    Almost there!

    7th Mar 2023 by DEJVOSS
    The website is almost ready for a public release! I will not include the 'On this day' section because it will require loads of work. -D

    Hello again!

    26th Feb 2023 by DEJVOSS
    Hello and welcome to my new YouTube let's play! Today, we will be playing this little indie game called 'Minecraft'.

    Lorem ipsum

    24th Feb 2023 by DEJVOSS
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    Old article

    20th Feb 2023 by DEJVOSS
    This article was not written 5 days ago, like the name suggests. It's actually a test to make the "NEW" thing working in the navigation bar. Wonder how long these can be.

    On this day - 15th July
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  • b1.2_02-20110517 on 27th Jun 2024
  • 1.0.0-tominecon on 22nd May 2024
  • b1.3-1733 on 12th Dec 2023
  • b1.8-pre2-121559 on 4th Dec 2023
  • 14w04a-1526 server jar on 24th Mar 2023
  • c1.4-1422 server jar on 22nd Mar 2023
  • 1.12-pre3-1316 on 9th Oct 2022
  • a0.1.1-1707 server on 21th Aug 2022
  • c0.29 on 30th Jul 2022
  • Bunch of reupload servers on 22th Jul 2022
  • a1.2.3_01-0956 on 3rd Jul 2022